Get a Complete Workout – Train Your Legs

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Workouts and exercises are supposed to improve the overall health and benefit all parts of our body. However, for most of us who religiously hit the gym, exercise sessions tend to be solely about working our mirror or beach muscles – biceps, abdominals, and chest.

Maintaining an attractive upper-body physique becomes a priority, and legs which deserve as much attention as other body parts, are often neglected.

There’s another reason why people shy away from leg sessions – they are too demanding and exhausting. While it’s true that lower-body exercises can be more energy intensive and strenuous than upper-body training, this should not be a reason to avoid them. Without giving a proper workout to your legs your body will grow disproportionately, something you would like to avoid.

Why Should Leg Sessions Be an Integral Part of Your Exercise Regimen?

Here are four reasons for making leg sessions an essential feature of your workouts at the gym:

Enhances Your Overall Lower-Body Health Toned calf muscles is not the only benefit of leg sessions. Resistance training has the ability to stimulate re-calcification of bones, enhance ligament and tendon durability, and improve joint strengthening. These are long-term advantages the effects of which you will come to realize as you grow older.


Encourages Upper-Body Development A fascinating thing about workouts of different body parts is that they complement each other. Studies have shown that compound lower-body routines such as dead-lifts and squats lead to increased production of testosterone and other hormones. This not only proves beneficial to the leg muscles, but also for upper-body development.

Burns More Calories Your body burns calories even when you are sleeping. The muscles of your legs are one of the most prolific burners of calories while you rest yourself. What’s more your lower body plays an important role in cardiovascular training. Thus by adding strength to your legs you not only enhance the body’s calorie-burning capacity, but also ensure more effective cardio workouts.

Encourages Equal Growth of Lower and Upper Body As with other things in life, equilibrium and balance are important here as well. An undivided attention to sculpting upper-body muscles does little good to your overall health or appearance. Regular leg sessions ensure that your whole body is well-formed and grows proportionately.

Getting Started

Stiff legs have been the bane of many workouts. Warm up with light exercises – five to seven minutes of non-intensive cardio should do the trick – before you begin exercising your legs. You should pay close attention to form – alignment of your legs and other body parts, range of motion, tension, and few other factors during your leg sessions, as resistance exercises can be more difficult than others.

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