IAmDentistry’s Recommended List of Companies

IAmDentistry has maintained this list of recommended firms providing services since 2017. We offer it as a free resource with no remuneration, listing fees, referral payments, or kickbacks of any kind. There is no requirement or expectation for those using this list. In this way, we can maximize the list’s independence from bias or manipulation.

How to Use the List

My recommendation is to choose a few that fit your needs, your budget, and, if applicable/important to you, your geography. Talk with several of them over email/phone and make a selection based on those conversations.

Companies Currently On the Recommended List:

This list is not presented in a ranked order.

Who: Dr. Patrick F. Del Vecchio
What: Homestead Optometry Practice
Website: delfamilyeye.com/

Recommended Companies Qualifications:

There are no specific requirements for listed firms apart from the trust and positive experiences of the list’s Curation Board.