All About Dental Night Guards

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Did you have a long day at work and want to get some sleep, but your partner won’t let you? Of course, you don’t mean that your partner snores, but are referring to his/her habit of teeth grinding at night. However, teeth grinding is not as uncommon as you think. The American Dental Association has it that 95 percent of people in the US suffer from bruxism at some point in their lives.

What does a night guard do

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry said that, there is a link between common antidepressant usage and bruxism, but added that another buspirone-based antidepressant relieves symptoms of bruxism (Teeth-Grinding). In any case, night guard is one of the simplest solutions to teeth grinding.

A night guard prevents movement of teeth and protects them from damage. It also lowers or cuts off all the noise you make at night. A night guard can be availed over the counter. This is an inexpensive option, and works for most people. However, if it does not fit you could always get a custom-designed one from your dentist. The dentist, in this case, will first take an impression of your mouth and then get a night guard designed for you.

A custom-made night guard need not necessarily cover all your teeth, but only the areas that cause grinding. Custom-made guards might prove to be more expensive because you would have to approach your dentist and get a specific guard designed. The biggest advantage of a custom-made night guard is that it is comfortable and falls in place covering the natural curves and hollows.

Kinds of night guards

There are essentially three kinds of night guards: the hard ones made of acrylic, soft ones and a double laminated one, which is the latest entrant to the scene.

The hard one can be used by those who grind or clench their teeth too much. Hard night guards are durable, if you maintain them well.

The softer ones are commonly used and are less expensive. They can last for over six months to about a couple of years. The double layer laminated ones use two layers, which are soft inside and hard outside, and can last for about five years. You should seek the guidance of your dentist before choosing any one of them.

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