Sparkly Teeth For A Sparkly Personality

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A pair of crooked yellow teeth need not necessarily scare you only when you are greeted by them in the middle of the night. So picture how bad it would be, or scary sometimes, if you had to sit across a person with crooked and stained teeth on a job interview, or still worse a date! You don’t want to be at the other end of the rope either with haphazard, rotting teeth. What’s interesting is, researchers say that a pair of bad teeth can traumatize not just the viewer, but the bearer too. Read on, as we delve deeper.

What research says

A survey reveals that nearly 92 percent of the respondents find a pretty smile to be an important social asset. 85 percent of the participants found a crooked smile to be highly unattractive to the opposite sex. Also, 75 percent of them agreed to resorting to judging an individual’s success based on how appealing their smiles were, with half of them relating bad teeth to bad oral hygiene.

Another independent study shows how having sparkly white teeth can affect interpersonal interactions. It was found that, among the participants, 58 percent of them had a better chance of being hired, and 53 percent of them had the likelihood of receiving better salary packages, after having their teeth whitened. The same was true with 54 percent of the participants, who were found to be more “date-interesting”, with the evaluators keen on spending more time interacting with them, when they had their teeth whitened.

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What sparkly whites could mean for you

A nice set of teeth, without any yellow stains, can boost your confidence. When you have a neatly aligned pair of sparkly whites, you won’t have anything to hide or be ashamed of. You can be yourself without any hesitation, and have you noticed how people are drawn towards confident people? Good white teeth mean you won’t have to hide under the table every time someone speaks to you, instead you will be more than glad to flaunt that winning smile. It helps radiate confidence, rather than being shy and awkward, you could become socially popular.

As much as all of us dread that dental visit, seeing one, especially before an interview can do you more good than you know. Stained teeth are often associated with negative traits by employers. People with sparkly whites often land good jobs. Flashy white teeth are seen as an extremely attractive quality by the opposite sex, so if you have a date coming up soon, you know how to sweep them off their feet!

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“Sparkly Teeth For A Sparkly Personality”
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“Sparkly Teeth For A Sparkly Personality”

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