Why Is Flossing Important?

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Each time you visit your dentist, there’s one question you are bound to be asked: ‘Do you floss regularly?’ For most of the patients, the answer is a no. Even though we all try to make it a point to brush at least twice a day, we don’t really follow the ‘floss once a day’ rule. Non-flossers don’t really understand that it is quite important in maintaining dental health.

Flossing is an interdental cleaning process

A toothbrush tends to clean only the outer surfaces and tops of your gums and teeth, whereas floss acts as an interdental cleaner. The tight spaces between your teeth can be easily cleaned using dental floss. These are places a toothbrush can’t clean and even though mouthwash ends up killing the plaque-forming bacteria, it can’t really get rid of the bits of food and tartar in between teeth. Flossing can do a lot to keep your smile healthy as well as pretty.

Like most people you may also think that brushing your teeth only passes off as good oral hygiene. However, you don’t end up getting that optimal cleaning without flossing. Try to floss before and after your brush to make brushing more effective.

Protect your gums with floss

Flossing plays the most important role, cleaning the areas where the teeth and gums meet. Tiny food particles tend to get stuck there, making the plaque to harden and eventually form tartar. This leads to a condition called gingivitis, which includes swollen red gums. Floss gets into these spaces and removes most of the plaque and food, which a mouthwash or toothbrush cannot get rid of.

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Flossing saves money

With diminishing insurances and rising health care charges, it makes more sense to take precautions to reduce medical expenses. Most people tend to rely on emergency dental visits rather than the regular check-ups. Due to this there is a lack in education, which encourages people to floss and brush every day.

Proper technique for flossing

Take about eighteen inches of dental floss and wrap the ends around two fingertips of both hands. Now gently slide this dental thread carefully between your teeth. Slowly curve the floss around every tooth and scrape plaque away by moving the floss up and down. Avoid the sawing motion while flossing in order to protect your gums. Throw the floss once you are done and brush your teeth.

Flossing everyday takes just a few minutes and adds little to the expenses of mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste. It is a simple and small step, which can have quite a few implications for your dental health in the long run.

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“Why Is Flossing Important”
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“Why Is Flossing Important”

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