Does Drinking Red Wine Have Health Benefits?

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We all love pouring ourselves a glass of red wine during the evening meal. It tastes delicious and relaxes the mind as well. However, of late it has done more than adorn our dining tables and satiate the gourmet in us. It has been a subject of feverish debate on its supposed health benefits. Supporters and critics have argued their sides with a lot of zest.

Why Discuss Red Wine

Many examples have been given to show the salubrious effects of red wine and an equal number to show its harmful effects. Here is an attempt to weave through the crowd of random information about red wine’s effect on health, to find out the truth.

Why is there so much discussion about red wine? There are many alcoholic beverages in the world besides red wine. Why cant beer not get the tag of being healthy or for that matter any other liquor? I went about trying to find out why red wine should be healthier than other alcoholic drinks, except for maybe its exquisite taste. What was discovered is important: there are no conclusive studies to indicate that red wine is more wholesome than other liquors.

The Health Endowing Elements of Red Wine

Red wine has been found to contain antioxidants that could help protect blood vessels’ linings in the heart. Resveratrol is a type of antioxidant present in red wine, and it has bagged a lot of attention recently. A lot of research has been done with resveratrol as the objective of study, but mostly involving animals. These studies have so far indicated that it may provide protection from diseases like diabetes and obesity. It is important to bear in mind that no studies of great consequence have been conducted on humans yet. A few studies indicate that resveratrol might have a role to play in cutting down risks of blood clotting and inflammation, which can help prevent heart diseases.


With very few studies conducted to ascertain resveratrol’s effects on human health it would be pre-mature to declare it healthy. Only with more research about its effect on human health will we come to know the truth about resveratrol.

Why Would It Be Unwise To Drink To Health?

Even if resveratrol were to be beneficial to health, to derive any tangible advantages you would need to drink more than 50 glasses of red wine in a day. Red wine’s reputation as a healthy drink is still an open question. However, the ill effects of alcohol addiction need no second opinion. That is why many doctors desist from encouraging their patients to drink red wine – healthy or otherwise. Drinking red wine in moderate quantities, a glass or two on certain occasions, has always been considered healthy. There is little scientific evidence to support this, but maybe there is a lifestyle message in it for you.

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“Does Drinking Red Wine Have Health Benefits”
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“Does Drinking Red Wine Have Health Benefits”

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